Peraeque evolved from a desire to re-interpret men’s wallet design and create unique accessories that were both compact and functional.  Peraeque’s foundation product, the compact wallet, features a unique folding action, with pockets that expand to accept multiple cards when the wallet is opened, and contract to secure contents when closed.  This unique design optimises use of space and material enabling the wallet to remain slender when carrying multiple cards and bills.  To develop this unique wallet design, we partnered with a team of master artisans from an area of Spain with over two hundred years of leatherworking heritage.  We collaborated in a rigorous development process to produce a men’s compact wallet that combines superior design with the finest craftsmanship.  This partnership continues today with the ongoing evolution of new designs.




At Peraeque, we only develop designs that are fundamentally different from those currently available.  We seek to design products that improve functionality and optimise use of material.  Every element must have a purpose.  When this philosophy is executed, we believe the aesthetic appeal of the design naturally follows.  We believe a new design should be made in the best possible way.  For our leather goods, we partner with a team of Spanish artisans recognised as some of the finest in the world.  Their traditional skills perfected over generations have been augmented with modern techniques, providing a range of possibilities when bringing a new design to life.  We commit to a rigorous process or refinement with each new design.  We are meticulous in our approach, and relentless in our manner.  We don’t allow for compromise to ensure we deliver the best.