Peraeque grew from a desire to reinvent men’s wallet design and create accessories that were exceptionally compact and functional. Peraeque’s foundation product achieves this aspiration. The unique design of the Peraeque compact wallet optimises the use of space, enabling the wallet to remain exceptionally slender containing multiple cards and bills.
At Peraeque, we only produce leather goods that are fundamentally different in design or function from existing products available. We seek to design leather goods that improve function and optimise the use of material. Every element of a new design must have a purpose. When this philosophy adopted, we believe the aesthetic of the product naturally follows.


We partner with an establishment from an area of Spain with over two hundred years of leatherworking heritage to produce our leather goods. Their artisans are some of the finest in the world. Their traditional skills have been augmented with modern processes over time, providing a range of possibilities when developing a new design. With each new design, we undertake a rigorous development process to refine the materials selected and the construction techniques used.