Great design in part comes from reducing the compromises you make in the design process.  At Peraeque, we think combining cash and card storage with your mobile device cover is wrong.  Yes, you can combine functions in to one item, but design compromises are required so performance of these functions is less than optimal. We think it better to have separate accessories that do less but do them in an optimal way.  Peraeque compact wallets for men are developed with engineering design techniques then refined with meticulous precision to optimise their design.


The Peraeque compact wallet for men represents a step change in wallet design.  It features a unique folded centre construction, with recessed pockets for single cards, and internal pockets for multiple cards and notes.  When opened, the recessed pockets for single cards are presented making access to your primary use cards effortless.  The action of opening causes the internal pockets for multiple cards to open making these cards accessible as well.  This action is achieved with the unique folded centre design.  Upon closing this same action closes the internal pockets for multiple cards securing the contents.  When closed, all elements of the compact wallet interlock to form an exceptionally uniform and slim profile.  Check out the Peraeque compact wallet for men at


Similarly, the Peraeque compact men’s billfold is also designed for an exceptionally uniform and slim profile.  This is achieved with a unique two pocket design and note clip.  The two card pockets are designed for storage of multiple cards. When the billfold is opened, a gentle squeeze at the edges of the billfold opens these pockets making the cards readily accessible. When closed, the billfold and card pockets are secured by a snap clip.  Take a closer look at the unique design of the Peraeque compact billfolds at